how do I improve my ranking ?

The improvement of the ranking is to determine your position among the “influencers” Stars in the different order parameters within NNSM3 platform. Since the order is digitally and electronically measured , you can do some simple steps that will raise your overall ranking, as well as your ranking according to many other parameters. You should:
1. Make sure all your accounts are activated on social media platforms
2. Make sure you share your account to “NNSM3” for your followers on social media accounts and friends.
3 – Make sure you interact with followers and commentators in NNSM3 platform and follow the comments first and publish them.
4 – Create valuable content on your accounts in social media accounts, as well as on your account in NNSM3 blog.
5. Make sure that the information published about you expresses yourself in an attractive way.
6. Be sure to put a personal picture of you, as well as publishing a personal attractive video

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