what does the star’s page means?

The Stars page that displays the published information about the “influencer” star and contains:
– The star personal picture (when registering on the platform, the social media picture is used according ot the SM coount that was registered through. It can also be changed later on through NNSM3 platform)
– Video definition of the star (is placed through YouTube or uploaded through NNSM3 platform)
– Information about the star as he/she describe themselves (when registering on the platform, the info is taken from the the social media platform which he/she registered, and the Stars is also allowed to change the latest information that they have entered in the begining of the registration.
– Field, state, gender and star stage
– The Stars’ social media accounts links
– Information about the ranking of the star among the Stars registered in NNSM3
– Personal comments sent to the star.
– The page also allows interactions with the star by Liking or disliking, and can also share any of its components and contents, and the Stars can promote themselves through this page by sharing with friends or posting on their social media accounts.
– Interacting with the star through their page increases their overall ranking, as the ranking of the star on NNNSM3 platform includes the overall ranking of the social media platforms.

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