what is the definition of impact?

Influence: Is making a change in others, whether this influence is negative or positive whether it is in the real world or in the virtual world, starting from the messengers and prophets and then the wise men to the Stars and artists all are influencers on those who follow them, and there is different ways to influence the virtual world than the real world.
In the virtual world, social media platforms have provided intermediate platforms that have been very successful and have contributed to the transmission of influence. The main difference of influence in the virtual world is its great measurability in terms of interactivity, observations and followers for each star In social media platforms, so at NNSM3 we can’t find that there is an integration of the influence between the real world and the virtual world, for example you may find in real life one of the artists or football players influencer and has a great influence through social media platforms, or conversely, many popular celebrities and social media influencers have become social Stars or artists because of their popularity on social media platforms and the examples are many.
For more on these types of influencers and how to become influential, see NNSM3 blog

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