What is the difference between NNSM3 and the other platforms the you can designate stars “Influencers” through it.

NNSM3 is different and unique from other sites that use influencers “if there is any” by:
We can not compare NNSM3 to any site of influencers for the following reasons:
1. NNSM3 is a free platform for all users
2. Registration is not required to benefit from the services provided
3. No subscriptions or expenses
4. You should not be a promoter to participate
5. Allow you freedom of appearance and stardom
6 – There are no conditions in the registration nor in the number of followers or in domains.
7 – It is an easy opportunity for those who want to cooperate with you and deal with you directly through comments or through your accounts on social media.
8. Your participation in NNSM3 means that you are on the path of stardom but it doesn’t mean that you are promoting the paid ad, it maintains your privacy and your digital reputation.
9- Your registration at NNSM3 does not mean that you are one of its employees or that your business will be exclusive to or through it.
10- In addition to the above, the technologies provided by NNSM3 Platform and the number of digital innovations that are available does not exist on any platform and will not be entitled to any platform to use.

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